Lets Travel!

Lets travel! If I could travel any where in the world… I would pick the whole world. But since I had to narrow it down to three, I chose Paris, Tijuca, and Zimbabwe. I chose these places for so many reasons! I love getting the chance to help animals. I’ve also always wanted to go to Paris! It’s my dream to travel the world!


The first place I have been planning to visit is Zimbabwe. I really want to go to help the animals. Specifically, lions. I want to help on a reservation to nurse sick lions back to a good health, and then release them into the wild. Lots of animals are in danger and need help especially if they are sick. I think this is a good cause. I also want to go to raise awareness about hunters, and what damage they are doing to our wild life. The weather is mostly just like any summer day. For night you would want to have pants, long sleeves and hoodies. Also, gym shoes. I would want to bring bug spray, and bug repellent bracelets. The currency is just like mine, US dollars. There are risks involved, like getting Malaria because this is a neighbor of Botswana.  An interesting fact is that it is bordered by Botswana on the west, Zambia on the north, Mozambique on the east, and South Africa on the south. One saying in Shona Ee…tichiuraya mhuka = Oh! we kill animals which is exactly why I want to go over there to stop.


The second place I have been planning to visit is Paris. Paris is my dream city, the city of lights. I’ve always wanted to go. I would walk around, book a lot of tours, and go shopping. I would definitely want to go to a little cafe, eat macaroons and see a street mime. And I would of course have to go one the Eiffel Tower! The weather depends on the season-summer clothes for the summer, but you definitely want to bring warm clothes for night. And comfortable shoes, but also some fancy clothes because, why not? The currency is in Euros. 1 dollar = 0.89 Euros. Did you know that France is the most visited country in the world?I do have to be careful, because there are lots of pick-pocketers. One saying in French is Hello my name is Lizzy and I love cats = bonjour mon nom est Lizzy et je l’aime un chat. I can’t wait to visit the city of love and lights



The final stop on my little adventure is Tijuca, Rio. I want to go for the rain forest. I would go touring, and I would want to walk around just to see how beautiful it is. Then I would zip line, and visit the forest, and look at how exotic the whole place is!  And of course,  the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. It is usually hot and humid, so more summer clothes. You want to be prepared for rain also, and just be comfortable! The currency is also Euros, and there is a lot of crime related violence so I have to be very careful. Did you know that Rio is named after a river that doesn’t exist? This is how you speak Portuguese, ladies and gentlemen  = Senhoras e Senhores Deputados


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What do I like about commenting?

I think commenting is a really great way to get involved with other people and there blogs. For  the most part, my favorite part of commenting is that its a really good way to talk to people you never even knew existed!

Have you found some interesting blogs?

I found some really good blogs to comment on, they were descriptive and they were really interesting! I like how there is a variety, not just repetitive. I really enjoy getting to collaborate with others and ask questions.

Here are some blogs that I found interesting:

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Would you check out my blog? liz2150.edublogs.org

What don’t you like about commenting?

Some things are annoying, like people who post comments who are totally unrelated to the blog post.

Are you getting quality comments?

My posts are not really getting a lot of comments, and it might be because people are not reading my comments and checking out the links I post, or they don’t think my comments are worth checking out my blog.


MMMMM Cupcakes!

RRRRR          kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk         One of my favorite things to do is bake. I love baking so much. I don’t exactly know how to explain it, but I think it’s just so fun because you get to share it with everyone, and it is something that represents you. If you follow recipes exact, without adding a little something something it says something about you. Cupcakes are super fun to decorate. I think decorating is the best part because you give the cupcake a personality. What’s not to love?

My favorite thing to bake would probably be cupcakes, wouldn’t you agree? You can do so much with cupcakes. You can blend your favorite flavors. My favorite part is decorating, because unlike a cake each  cupcake is different, so you get to decorate freely. I like putting on frosting because there are so many different ways that you can swirl it, and there is so many ways that you can apply it. I also love putting on things like sprinkles, or cookie crumbles, or whatever else goes with your recipe. It’s fun to give the cupcake it’s own personality. Maybe adding eyes, or a swirl. The possibilities are endless.

Cupcakes are super fun to bake and decorate. If you haven’t, or don’t agree, just try doing something a little different. Any mistake can be transformed into something amazing. Each one gets to be something different, and you don’t have to cut into it and ruin the design. You just bite, and enjoy. I want to know what is your favorite thing to bake?




Eliminate Malaria

Malaria is a blood disease spread by female mosquitoes. Right now, malaria is heavily affecting the country Botswana. With just $15 to buy a mosquito net, you could save the lives of multiple people. Multiple children, or two adults plus a small child could fit under a net. If every one in just your town gave 15 dollars, you could save a whole town’s lives. There are ways that we can all help. I want to help because it’s the right thing to do. I think we should all take action. Save a life! We recently had a Skype  chat with someone in Botswana. He really made me think

I want to help because it is the right thing to do. I want to donate money. Just one mosquito net could save multiple lives. I want to raise awareness. All we have to do is make poster, or give people an idea of malaria. We could have a “garage” sale. Or maybe a bake sale. Malaria could be vanquished by 2017. We could make so many people happy, people wouldn’t have to live in fear. Everyone could help.  All it takes, is a little care.

I’ve learned a lot about Malaria, and it’s awful. The climate in Botswana is hot and dry. Mosquitoes love hot and dry weather. Some symptoms include : high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and shaking chills according to www.healthline.com/health/malariaMalaria is an awful disease that we can all fight against. We can help to reach the goal of eliminating malaria from Botswana by 2017. It doesn’t take much, except for a little bit of care. Did you know that a child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria? By the time it takes you to read this, at least 2 children will be gone. Did you know one moquito net can hold multiple people, and save lives. You could save a life with just 15 dollars. Think about it, would you rather have that new video game, or save a life?



Let’s get involved

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A whole day devoted to your pets! How amazing. They deserve a day to just play with their family. You might not know, but you are probably the best thing in the world to them. You’re their best friend! My plan is for people to spend a day with their pets. I will also challenge everyone. Sure you can say you want something to stop, but will you really do anything? My challenge will be for them to go volunteer at the local animal shelter or rescue, or for them to help an animal they know is in need.We can stop animals from being abandoned. If you know about animal abuse going on you can stop it.  You can make a difference to a sweet animal, you could be their hero. We will also set up pens and bring shelter animals outside for adoption, and if you want to get rid of one bring it to us where it can be safe instead of abandoned. Then we will set up groups of local community members to go find and rescue animals. We can stop the pain of house pets. We can do it. Together.


Finish The Story!!

andscape Photo Found at http://www.landscape-photo.net/thumbnails.php?album=toprated&cat=-76

So. Hiking by myself. Probably not the best idea. My map is really old and well….. I”M LOST. Oh man. OH MAN! No one knows where I am. I just needed a weekend to myself. I have no idea what I’m going to do. I’m so scared, what if something happens? What if night comes? What if this is like that movie, where they make dinosaurs and then the dino’s get out and eat me?!? Ok so the last one probably won’t happen, but still. I’m scared. I grabbed my phone. No service. Just my luck! I just sat down at the base of a tree.

If I wasn’t so scared, I probably would be enjoying the beauty. The moss growing up the side of the tree. The leaves, each a different shade of green. The birds singing. But I’m lost so it doesn’t matter. I’m thinking. OH! I just need to retrace my steps. Ya, then I can get out of these stupid California mountains.

I stand up. I shake the dirt off my shorts, and I walk. Oh wait, “I came from that direction” I said to myself as I walked to the right instead of the left.


I turn around. My eyes move up and down and side to side. I’m now very nervous. Just keep walking. Just keep walking. That tree; the crooked way it grows, the hollow. I turned right, so I now need to turn left. YES! Maybe I’m almost there.


Oh dear god. I stop. My knees are trembling. My teeth are chattering. My palms are sweaty. I slowly turn around. There in front of me is absolutely nothing. Ok. So maybe I’m over reacting. Just a bit. But it is dark. The sun is has just set, the nightlife is coming out. Why didn’t I bring a flashlight. I brought an umbrella but not a flashlight. All I have is the glow of the stars. I take out a granola bar.

I remember walking straight for sometime but this, this is too long. An owl lands on the tree next to me. I stop. “Oh please Mr. Owl, please help me” I’m now on the ground, with my eyes closed. “Please send help.” Nothing. No owl. I start to walk, and there in front of me is the owl. I scream very loud. “AHHHHHHHHHH”



OH MY GOD. OH DEAR LORD. I take off. I’m running as fast as my legs will carry me. Then I fall. I trip over my own feet. As I turn around slowly, I think. What if this is a dream.? What if it’s all a nightmare, and I’m only dreaming? Then I see it. I see……



E-books? Seriously? Even our books are electronic! I really just don’t understand why you would wanna ruin books too. Technology is not as great as everyone thinks. A book is meant to be read cover to cover, you are supposed to flip the pages yourself, not tap. I think that books need to stay paper. Some people don’t have technology. How are they supposed to read the newest books? And you can’t read e-books in some schools. You can’t have any type of technology. It just gets taken away! Books can go anywhere. In the car, to the park. Sure you could argue. What happens if a book gets wet? Same as if an Ebook did. What if you rip a page? Well, what if you drop your tablet? Books are so much more reliable. Books have meaning. They could be passed down from generation to generation. They could have stories inside, meant for someone. Meant to change someones opinion. Meant to give them new thoughts. You can’t get that from looking at a screen. It’s just not as meaningful if someone were to give you a good book, then a gift card to buy one. I think you need to give money to your library, and not buy an electronic device. What do you guys think, are Ebooks really that great?

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My avatar is just like me. Hazel/green eyes. Brown hair. I love music and I love to laugh. I also like to make people laugh. I’m smart, outgoing, and I don’t let anyone tell me what to do. I love animals a lot. I love books and movies. I get surprised over the littlest things. I like to notice little things about people.