Let’s get involved

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A whole day devoted to your pets! How amazing. They deserve a day to just play with their family. You might not know, but you are probably the best thing in the world to them. You’re their best friend! My plan is for people to spend a day with their pets. I will also challenge everyone. Sure you can say you want something to stop, but will you really do anything? My challenge will be for them to go volunteer at the local animal shelter or rescue, or for them to help an animal they know is in need.We can stop animals from being abandoned. If you know about animal abuse going on you can stop it. ¬†You can make a difference to a sweet animal, you could be their hero. We will also set up pens and bring shelter animals outside for adoption, and if you want to get rid of one bring it to us where it can be safe instead of abandoned. Then we will set up groups of local community members to go find and rescue animals. We can stop the pain of house pets. We can do it. Together.


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